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March 25, 2011



HARPG: Pearl Hispano-Portugues for Brood

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 25, 2011, 1:36 PM
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Welcome to the Mare barn at Cheshire Farms, please come on in, we would love to give you a tour. We specialize in a select few breeding programs, with aims of offering some of the best performance lines. Feel free to inquire about any of our mares as they are all up for public brood.

The Spanish Sport Horse
"No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle."

- Winston Churchill
CF Mustang Sally by JNFerrigno Red Hot in Ladies Classic by JNFerrigno Bailarina de Cabaret by JNFerrigno

The typical Spanish Sport horse is a cross of Andalusian or Lusitano blood with complimenting blood of other breeds. A body type for this out cross is hard to pin down because we believe that the form of a horse will dictate it's function. However with a good out cross, that horse should be well rounded to preform any task that it's asked be it Driving, Jumping, Dressage, or Ranch Work. Here at Cheshire Farms, the foundation of our SSH program is based on a loose cross of Iberian blood with the Spanish Mustang. This infusion of Mustang blood not only contributes a vast number of colors and patterns, but it is also responsible for a hardier horse with long lasting endurance to preform what ever task is asked.

Mares: Fox Trot, Kissed in Flames, Mustang Sally,
, Red Hot Fox, and Spring Rain

The Iberian Horse
"A horse is with more then riches."

- Spanish Proverb
CF Pearla del Fuego by JNFerrigno CF Tigress Del Rio by JNFerrigno CF Avenue Q by JNFerrigno

The horse in general is a proud and beautiful animal, and some of the best examples of such beauty can be seen in the Iberian Horse. While there are many breeds of horses living on or descending from the Iberian Peninsula, Cheshire Farms mainly focuses on Andalusians and Lusitanos. Our current stallions are often used for cross breeding, however we do have a pure bred market demand for them as well. Currently our main focus for our Andalusian and Lusitanos is developing a stable population of Pearl horses to show in tandem events. These horses can be represented by: CF Belinda, Pearla del Fuego, and CF Juandalynn. Any non-Pearl mares are used in our Spanish Sport Horse breeding program. We also try to track down pure mares of unique color so that we can continue to breed that color in pure lines. Those mares are: CF Adella (Dun), CF Avenue Q (Dun), CF Acacia Favorita (Dun), CF Aria Benitez (Sabino), and CF Noemi (Dominate White).

Mares: CF Acacia Favorita, CF Adella, CF Aracelia, CF Aria Benitez, CF Avenue Q, CF Belinda, CF Cipriana, CF Constanza, CF Delfina, Flavinha, CF Juandalynn, CF Noemi, CF Paco Royal, Pearla del Fuego, CF Senona Boloix, CF Suelita Boloix, CF Tigress Del Rio, CF Vandalus, CF Yolanda,

The Spanish Mustang
"The most beautiful, the most spirited and the most inspiring creature ever to print foot on the grasses of America."

- J.Frank Dobie
Della Luna by JNFerrigno CF Choctaws Mage by JNFerrigno Shadow of Lir by JNFerrigno

Most of these mustangs came from the BLM round ups, however some of them came from private breeders. All of the mustangs at Cheshire Farms under go genetic testing, and only those which test 75% or greater for significant Iberian markers in their DNA are used for our breeding program. Once our Mustangs are accustomed to human contact, we evaluate their trainability and movement, as well as color and body type, and based on that we decide which horse to cross breed them to in order to create an ideal Spanish Sport Horse. While we do not focus on breeding pure mustangs, we do have a small breeding population going on just to keep that Spanish bloodline thriving. Mares that are not being shown are left out in the pasture to graze and enjoy a relaxing life.

Mares: CF Cattails, Chavela, Choctaw's Mage, Choto's Shadow of Lir, Coleta, Della Stella, Della Luna, Karma Springs, Keira, Mercedes, Pilar de la Cruce, and Sparrow Hawk

American Stock Horses
"Ride it like you stole it!"

- Colton Maddox
CF Topsy Turvy by JNFerrigno CF Sugar Bee's Special T by JNFerrigno CF Tequila Sunrise VEC by JNFerrigno

Most of our Stock horses have been brought in to cross with Andalusian and Lusitano blood to make a better ranch horse for cattle. However Colton Maddox, our western trainer, has picked up a side hobby of breeding Quarter Horses and American Paint Horses for Ranch Work as well as Racing. Since Cheshire Farms is known for promoting performance horses of color, we have added CF Queens Over Duces, CF Sugar Bee's Special T, and CF Top Knotch Sugar Bee.

Mares: CF Blu Steel Valentine, CF Fleetwood Dash, CF Red PepR Lena, CF Queens Over Duces, CF Sugar Bee's Special T, Tequila Sunrise VEC, CF Top Knotch Sugar Bee, and CF Topsy Turvy

The Russian Horse
"The horse may run quickly, but it can't escape its own tail"

- Russian Proverb
CF Agrafena by JNFerrigno CF Inka Ivanka by JNFerrigno CF Edaece by JNFerrigno

When Wyn Oakleigh, owner of Cheshire Farms was touring Europe, she came upon a private stud in Moscow which bred various Russian breeds for Dressage and Jumping. Her first import was a Russian Warmblood stallion, which was soon followed by the champion mare CF Agrafena. Following this Wyn wanted to bring in other Russian horses of different builds to see how they do on the American show circuit. This decision was influenced even more when the oppertunity to purchase some Akhal Teke mares came up. Some might not remember, but when the HARPG first started Cheshire Farms used to have Akhal Tekes, but we had sold them. Now however as the breed is becoming popular once again. Wyn has brought in three pure breds: Akgoz-At, At-Sazly, and Edaece. The other three mares are beautiful examples of Russian Warmbloods.

Mares: CF Agrafena, Akgoz-At, At-Sazly, Edaece, CF Inka Ivanka, and Feodora

"O! for a horse with wings!"

- William Shakespeare, Cymbeline

Warmbloods come and go at Cheshire Farms, Wyn Oakleigh originally made a name for Cheshire Farms by training and riding Warmbloods in the European show circuit. However the few Warmbloods which remain at Cheshire Farms, are those used in breeding Spanish Sport Horses.

Mares: We currently do not have any warmblood mares to offer.

Zebra Mares
"There is no more fun loving, yet tempermental animal on the plain than the zebra."

- Zalu Mubuto
CF Adisa by JNFerrigno CF Ayotunde by JNFerrigno CF Anuli by JNFerrigno

Antilopine Stables (the face for the Zeboo Project) contacted Cheshire Farms to house their Zebra mares in open fields of lush grass. In our lab we harvest eggs from the mares, and send them to Antilopine's base. In turn we are allowed to use the excess embryos as we see fit. As a result we are providing these mares as Brood stock, but only for Artificial Insemination in surrogate mares. We have 3 Plains Zebra, which is the most commonly crossed with horses. But we also have a Selous, Cape Mountain, and Grevy's zebras to choose from.

Mares: Abeni, Adana, Adisa, Amara, Anuli, Asha, and Ayotunde

Other Mares
"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man."

- Winston Churchill
CF Syren and CF Penne by JNFerrigno WTF Is That by JNFerrigno CF Star of Zeus by JNFerrigno

Cencies Heather was purchased to cross with some Andalusian blood in hopes of improving the Spanish Sport horse to become more stocky. She has the unique dominate white pattern which is not that uncommon in Thoroughbreds, and Colton has considered seeing how she does in racing and if she does well, crossing her into our Quarter horse racing line. Penne is the big nanny mare. She gets put out into the pasture when the foals are weaned. And Star of Zeus was an Arabian purchased with the intent of crossing with our Andalusians for a better stock horse. She is homozygous for a unique dilution known to occur in her line.

Mares: Cencies Heather, Penne, , and Star of Zeus

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bovidaeloony Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2011
I love the new page layouts for your stallions and mares; informative and gorgeous!
Artopaz-Mickah Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2011  Student General Artist
Do Warlanders (Andalusian x Freisian) count as SSH?
JNFerrigno Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2011
Artopaz-Mickah Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2011  Student General Artist
okay thank you c:
JuliasNadaPoodle Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, I have a rather stupid question about the Spanish Sport Horse. If you were to breed a Mustang (Spanish) stally to a SSH mare, would the foal be considered a SSH? Or simply a SSH x Mustang cross? Sorry if this is a kinda stupid question, I am just very interested in the breed :)
JNFerrigno Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2010
It would be a SSH.
JuliasNadaPoodle Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thats awesome!! I was hoping for that, I want a SSH so bad, I just dont want to start another foundation. Thanks! :D
Horsey-Girl-Higgs Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2010
Wait just a question

Are you still In HARPG?
JNFerrigno Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2010
Nope. I left em. But I still play as if I am in the HARPG. I just don't bother with registering anything with them. So really..I'm in..but I'm not LOL. I got tired of how the staff behaved.
Liebegirl Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2010
Which ones are being retired, if I may ask?
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