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Chesnire Farms

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 27, 2010, 12:22 PM
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Welcome to Cheshire Farms, home to the Spanish Sport Horse
Mares at Cheshire Farms by JNFerrigno The Girls are Home by JNFerrigno

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Cheshire Farms
We are a Family and Friend operated business, owned by Wyn Oakleigh and daughter Sadae Oakleigh. While Cheshire Farms has been around in name for some time, it only just recently expanded to such great standing in 2009. We are proud to introduce our new line of Spanish Sport Horses, established on March 18, 2008. The creation of this line is founded on the American mustang. But not just any horse will do! We selectively breed and choose mustangs and other Spanish horses based on type, color, personality, and most important, blood. The North American Mustang has not always been appreciated to its fullest potential, but history hasn't stopped us. Today we continue to breed the best of performance lines, with aims to enhance the breed so they can excel in different disciplines. Our emphasis has always been on working horses that look good doing their jobs. Continue reading below to learn about our services.
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What is a Spanish Sport Horse?
While horses of many breeds have contributed to their development, a Spanish Sport Horse must be DNA verified to be of at least 25% Iberian decent while still maintaining Iberian characteristics…. The Cheshire Farms line of SSH's is based on the Norther American Mustang, and crosses with imported Iberian blood to highlight qualities already present. However the Spanish Sport Horse is becoming internationally famous, and breeders are developing their own unique bloodline based on other crosses. In South America the Criollos, Pasos, and other native stock are being crossed with imported Quarter Horse and Warmblood blood to create larger more versatile mounts. European breeders have been improving warmblood lines by crossing baroque breeds into them for easier training ability and surefootedness. Some breeders have even been crossing these Iberian horses with larger drafts to recreate an extinct breed or even compete in driving classes. Whatever it is you wish to show in, the Spanish Sport Horse is sure to excel.
Spanish Sport Horse Breed by JNFerrigno

What is Cheshire Farms?
We are and International Equine Facility located on 650 rolling orange tree laden acres in beautiful United States, Florida. We offer public breeding services like semen collection and embryo transfers, boarding, training, and importing. As the leading importer of Spanish Bloodlines, we are a certified quarantine facility with an on grounds veterinarian clinic which is staffed at all times.

We host an array of public facilities, ranging from the use of our veterinary services, to free use of our 350 acre show ground on location (just call to Reserve Show Date). We have facilities which accommodate different types of equitation. Adjacent to the 350 acre show ground, we have 150 acres of private obstacle trails, which connect to miles of public trails where you never need to cross a road. While we manage and operate the grounds with family and friends, we also breed, train, and show our own horses.

Back in 2008 our facility consisted of a house, two small barns, a larger breeding barn and two covered arenas. Now in 2010 we have added 5 more large state of the art barns, 4 show sized covered arenas, 2 outdoor arenas with special footing, as well as sodded open fields for flat work. We have also built apartments for our staff, dorms for our students, and furnished studio apartments for people using our show grounds. These are just some improvements we have made in the recent years.
Chesire Farms 2008 by JNFerrigno Cheshire Farms by JNFerrigno

Embryo Transferring & Breeding
Cheshire Farms has a state of the art stallion and mare barn, with on site collection services and laboratory. You do not need to breed to our horses to use our facility. Our Brood and Stallion barn is offered to everyone. We collect and ship seamen all over the world, as well as provide a safe place to foal for mares of all types. To learn more about how to do an ET please visit our rule page.
HARPG: Brood Mare Barn by JNFerrigno HARPG: Stallion Barn by JNFerrigno

United Mustang Federation
The UMF is a fully paid Equine Science scholarship program that Cheshire Farms offers to students all over the world (ages 15-18). Students live on the grounds of Cheshire Farms for a rigorous 60 day study program revolving around training, riding, breeding and general care of horses.
Dorms at Cheshire Farms by JNFerrigno United Mustang Federation by JNFerrigno
Follow the UMF here

Cheshire Farms Staff
Cheshire Farms Management Team by JNFerrigno
Cheshire Farms wouldn't be what it is today if it wasn't for our terrific staff. We strive to treat everyone as if they are a branch of our family, and offer job security, travel, and benefits. The staff above are our supervising managers who run all of our different offices and programs.

Cheshire Farms is also in contract with the local colleges and universities, which allows Equine Science majors to apply for a paid internship. Some of our interns are, Darby Harris, Taylor Arawn, Alin Hogarth, Arley Gardner, Brin Ceridwen, Bryce Mitchell, and Teka Basmati.

We also work with the Sheriff Department, and Community Centers to provide jobs for troubled teens, as well as providing equal opportunity for parolees. Colton Maddox, our oldest employee as well as a valuable trainer, has been with us since he was 15. Colton was in and out of the system from the age of 13 till he was 19, and has considered it his community responsibility to help other troubled youths. We have had a number of teens enter into our program, and they leave as mature adults ready to face the world with confidence. Some of our current students are, Cason Hanovi, Jace Harting, and Jezanna Arlington.

Cheshire Farms also offers boarding for international students enrolled within the local Universities. We have a few students who are seeking to obtain a degree in Equine Science as well as Veterinary Medicine, Bibiana Tammaro, Kenta Masato, Markus Serghei, and Rufino Natanaele.

Our Riders as well as Grooms love working with us, because not only is it a family like environment, there are also travel opportunities since we go to shows all over the world, as well as having satellite farms in Montana, Spain, and Brazil. Check out the friendly faces of our resident staff, Mika Gomez, Luka Moretti, Flynn Medina, Trowa Weston, Arabina Ranolito, Sophia Zipriano, and Tala Sinopa.
Avispados Pearl by JNFerrigno Bailar con Caballo by JNFerrigno Bailarina de Cabaret by JNFerrigno Spanish Trot by JNFerrigno
Are you interested in being part of our staff? Send us a note and find out how!

H.E.A.R.P.G: New Horse Art Role Playing Game
The Horse Experience Art RPG was founded by JustTheBegining to give horse enthusiasts of all cultures an equal opportunity to create their dream stable. This club welcomes artists at all levels, and even allows the use of line arts. JNFerrigno is now the moderator responsible in registering the Barns.

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