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April 20, 2011



Cheshire Farms Stallions

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 20, 2011, 9:30 AM
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Welcome to the Stallion Barn at Cheshire Farms, please come on in, we would love to give you a tour. We specialize in a select few breeding programs, with aims of offering some of the best performance lines. Feel free to inquire about any of our stallions as they are all up for public stud.

The Spanish Sport Horse
"No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle."

- Winston Churchill
Bloodless Bullfight by JNFerrigno CF Alano by JNFerrigno Prince of Stallions by JNFerrigno

The typical Spanish Sport horse is a cross of Andalusian or Lusitano blood with complimenting blood of other breeds. A body type for this out cross is hard to pin down because we believe that the form of a horse will dictate it's function. However with a good out cross, that horse should be well rounded to preform any task that it's asked be it Driving, Jumping, Dressage, or Ranch Work. Here at Cheshire Farms, the foundation of our SSH program is based on a loose cross of Iberian blood with the Spanish Mustang. This infusion of Mustang blood not only contributes a vast number of colors and patterns, but it is also responsible for a hardier horse with long lasting endurance to preform what ever task is asked. Aside from the typical Spanish Mustang cross, Cheshire Farms also has Knabstrup x PRE crosses, like that seen in CF Abrahan and CF Alano. While the breed was developed in Denmark, its roots can be found in Spain, and there for is still considered an Iberian breed. The outcrossing of a Knabstrup horse, contributes a longer build, lighter fluid motion, and better jumping ability while still maintaining unique color.

Stallions: CF Abrahan, CF Alano, CF Apawi Sukawaka, CF Catahecassa Warrior, CF Chocolate Kisses, CF Drawn By The Gods, CF Lunar Attraction, CF Prince Dias, CF Prince Minas, CF Polar Ice, CF Soleo, and CF Summer Storm

The Spanish Sport Pony
"A horse can lend its rider the speed and strength he or she lacks, but the rider who is wise remembers it is no more than a loan."

- Pam Brown
CF Nieve Rey by JNFerrigno CF Mocha Latte by JNFerrigno CF Puck by JNFerrigno

The Spanish Sport Pony is exactly like the Spanish Sport Horse but with height restrictions. These ponies can do everything their larger horse companions can, but at the pony level. A few years back, Cheshire Farms rescued a very small mustang mare, and when bred she had a small son. This horse was used as beginners mount for one of the children at Cheshire Farms. This stallion was CF Mocha Latte, and he has the most ideal personality you want in a child's pony. The patience to work with inexperienced small children, the confidence to lend them when learning new things, the courage to protect them from dangerous situations, and the flamboyant personality to keep them entertained. This along with height under 14hh is the goal for the Cheshire Farms Spanish Sport Pony breeding program.

Stallions: CF Mocha Latte, CF Nieve Rey, and CF Puck

The Iberian Horse
"A horse is with more then riches."

- Spanish Proverb
Avispados Pearl by JNFerrigno Jawar: Andalusian Stallion by JNFerrigno One Tempi - Bay Andalusian by JNFerrigno

The horse in general is a proud and beautiful animal, and some of the best examples of such beauty can be seen in the Iberian Horse. While there are many breeds of horses living on or descending from the Iberian Peninsula, Cheshire Farms mainly focuses on Andalusians and Lusitanos. Our current stallions are often used for cross breeding, however we do have a pure bred market demand for them as well. To this day, our most influential stallion is CF One Tempi, a beautiful sooty bay Andalusian stallion who helped found Cheshire Farms. Currently our main focus for our Andalusian and Lusitanos is developing a stable population of Pearl horses to show in tandem events. CF Avispados Pearl was the first known Pearl horse to be imported into the HARPG community. CF Basilio and MNS Caldusian are two other Pearl carrying stallions we have which are pure bred. In addition to the pearl line, we are working on a line of high-white Andalusian's and Lusitanos. The first stallion for this program is our sooty buckskin named CF Estevan Altez, who we believe is Sabino and Splashed White.

Stallions: CF Avispados Pearl, CF Basilio, MNS Caldusian, CF Estevan Altez, CF Jawar, and CF One Tempi

The Paso Fino
"They are the Cadillac of horses."

- Kani Pele
CF Zoot Suit Riot by JNFerrigno CF Anteigro by JNFerrigno Paso Fino Stallion: Alejo by JNFerrigno

On the rare occasion an owner will find that their Spanish Mustang is actually gaited. This is not that uncommon in horses which descend from Iberian stock brought over all those years ago. To improve the gait in some of our Mustangs, Cheshire Farms bought CF Alejo, one of the first Paso Finos in the HARPG community as well. Recently while doing some research on the Spanish Jennet, Cheshire Farms located a Paso Fino breeder in Florida that specialized in breeding Tobiano Paso Finos. A few phone calls later and a 3 hour car ride, CF Anteigro, and CF Zoot Suit Riot were on their way to their new home.

Stallions: CF Alejo, CF Anteigro, and CF Zoot Suit Riot

The Spanish Mustang
"The most beautiful, the most spirited and the most inspiring creature ever to print foot on the grasses of America."

- J.Frank Dobie
Showing CF DeMarco by JNFerrigno CF Kaleo by JNFerrigno Conway by JNFerrigno

Most of these mustangs came from the BLM round ups, however some of them came from private breeders. All of the mustangs at Cheshire Farms under go genetic testing, and only those which test 75% or greater for significant Iberian markers in their DNA are used for our breeding program. Once our Mustangs are accustomed to human contact, we evaluate their trainability and movement, as well as color and body type, and based on that we decide which horse to cross breed them to in order to create an ideal Spanish Sport Horse. While we do not focus on breeding pure mustangs, we do have a small breeding population going on just to keep that Spanish bloodline thriving. Each of our stallions have something unique to offer, CF Ahearn has the flashy build of an Andalusian, which has made him a great performance horse in the past. CF Baco, who's father is unknown is a terrific jumper, having competed at heights over 4 feet. CF Conway is our dressage champion and CF Kaleo is our hunter under saddle horse. CF EZ To Atee is great around barrels, but doesn't like cows, while CF CowBoy Kiger has terrific cow sense. That leaves CF DeMarco, who once cleaned up became a great eventing prospect. DeMarco is the only Mustang stallion that is less then 75% Iberian ancestry, however his body type was so ideal we kept him on.

Stallions: CF Ahearn, CF Baco, CF Cocoa, CF Conway, CF CowBoy Kiger, CF DeMarco, CF EZ To Atee, and CF Kaleo

American Stock Horses
"Ride it like you stole it!"

- Colton Maddox
CF Beau Dun It by JNFerrigno CF San Domingo by JNFerrigno CF Phantom Sunrise by JNFerrigno

Most of our Stock horses have been brought in to cross with Andalusian and Lusitano blood to make a better ranch horse for cattle. However Colton Maddox, our western trainer, has picked up a side hobby of breeding Quarter Horses and American Paint Horses for Ranch Work as well as Racing. Our sooty palomino stallion CF Beau Dun It is a very well bred American Quarter Horse, while CF San Domingo is an unregistered Stock horse, and a current mount for Colton and the ranch hands. Both have a great sense for cattle, and have excelled in many western events. CF Phantom Sunrise is out of a Thoroughbred stallion and one of our Paint mares, and he is bred for Racing.

Stallions: CF Beau Dun It, CF San Domingo, and CF Phantom Sunrise

The Russian Horse
"The horse may run quickly, but it can't escape its own tail"

- Russian Proverb
CF Vikenti by JNFerrigno CF Ak Sacli by JNFerrigno

When Wyn Oakleigh, owner of Cheshire Farms was touring Europe, she came upon a private stud in Moscow which bred various Russian breeds for Dressage and Jumping. CF Vikenti is a rare Orlov-Rostopchin, triple registered as a Russian Warmblood and Russian Sport Horse. We currently have other stallions which we are arranging shipping for. Those breeds are: Russian Trakehner, Russian Warmblood (double Grandson of Absent), two Akhal Teke Stallions, and another Russian Warmblood (half Akhal Teke).

New On March 29th, Cheshire Farms was delivered the gorgeous stallion Ak Sacli, a beautiful metallic bay with a gulastra plume caused by sabino. His tail gave him his name, "The Silver Plated Horse".

Stallions: CF Ak Sacli and CF Vikenti

"O! for a horse with wings!"

- William Shakespeare, Cymbeline
CF Avalanche Sunset VEC by JNFerrigno

Warmbloods come and go at Cheshire Farms, Wyn Oakleigh originally made a name for Cheshire Farms by training and riding Warmbloods in the European show circuit. However the few Warmbloods which remain at Cheshire Farms, are those used in breeding Spanish Sport Horses.

Stallions: CF Avalanche Sunset VEC

Other Stallions
"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man."

- Winston Churchill
Conversano Bonadea XIV by JNFerrigno CF Syren and CF Penne by JNFerrigno CF Sentri by JNFerrigno

CF Conversano Bonadea XIV, affectionately called Bono, used to be training in competitive driving. Wyn Oakleigh retrained him for dressage, but now he enjoys his retirement with One Tempi out in the pasture by the house. CF Syren was a PMU rescue horse, and is often a companion animal for single tailoring or showing horses. He hasn't been gelded, however you'd never know he was a stallion unless you checked. CF Sentri was imported in April from the UK, his unique color doesn't do anything to mask his amazing bloodlines. Sentri is a great all around Arabian stallion who succeeds at any task at hand.

Stallions: CF Conversano Bonadea XIV, CF Sentri and CF Syren

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